Polished floor maintenance and how to clean them



So now what? You have a beautiful shiny brand new floor and how to care for it? Care of and oil finishes maintenance is very important. Failure to care will result in a reduced floor life.

It would be a great mistake to spend a lot of money on a new floor and neglect to maintain it.


When visiting our customers’ homes, we can see often how the difference between good timber floor maintenance care and poor floor care makes huge differences in floors life. The difference can be 5-7 years.

Regular maintenance and cleaning are the basic rules for maintaining long lifetime floors. Sand and dirt brought on shoes from the outside act like sandpaper on the floor. Therefore, the most important rule for maintaining the floor is daily sweeping or vacuuming.

Lots of people place a small doormat in front of the front door to prevent dirt and sand from entering the house. Another pretty good idea is to lay a small carpet – runner inside the hallway.


TRENA PH Neutral Cleaner No 556 It removes light dirt. It is suitable for all coated surfaces in household, office, school or trade and industry. Designed for Livos oil finishes.

Toby floor polish

Toby Floor Polish is a durable polish designed to enhance the life of timber floors finished with Toby oil based products such as Toby Tung Oil and Toby Oil Modified Urethane.


Gemini has long been a super favourite product. It is very easy to apply and the application is simple. It helps to repair small scratches done during frequent use of the floor. We recommend a sheepskin applicator on a rectangular wooden block.

The applicator can be washed and reused after use and thanks to the rectangular profile all corners on the floor are easily accessible.

It is to be used for residential floors roughly ones to three times a year. In high-traffic commercial areas the use is much higher. For example, restaurant offices or hotels may use it two to four times a week.

Its huge advantage is the drying time . As little as 2 in 3 hours depending on the outdoor temperature. Once the floor dries the owner can bring furniture, chairs and tables back and the floor is ready for use.

Versadet Floor Cleaner

VERSADET is a highly concentrated cleaner specifically designed for cleaning of polished floors, and may be used for cleaning of any hard surface that is not adversely effected by water.

Do not neglect me !

A proper oil finishes maintenance consists of regular cleaning wiping the floor with ph cleaners, water, possibly with the addition of detergent.


There is more than sweeping

Naturally, this is not enough, a high traffic floor would suffer from a lack of protection. Available quality products have one thing in common, they provide deep cleaning and do not contain harmful chemicals. Chemicals that both protect the floor and will not harm you and your family.


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Every wooden floor can be re-coated over every 3 years, extending the service life from an average of seven to 10 years.