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water damage, timber flooring


Water damage – blackbutt solid timber floor

parquet flooring, mosaic parquet,

 Bondi beach

Parquet ageing, the blocks are peeling off.

timber flooring replacement, board replacement


Wrong timber species. Floor boards replacement.

flooring joist, termites


Joists replacement. This is  a result of the termites  activity.

Timber flooring specialists in Sydney





Is your timber flooring lifting? Buckling? Tenting? Cupping? Does it need sanding and polishing? Are you experiencing water damage on your laminate floor? Has your engineered floor been scratched?

  • Maybe you have sub-floor problem? Someone has stepped through your 90 years old solid floor board? Intolerable squeaks? Termites? Lack of sub-floor ventilation and constant  smell ?
  • Have you removed a wall in your living room and you need to fill the missing Cypress pine flooring? Water from the fridge on your floor?

Sanding and polishing ? Yes, and  we are timber floor installers  too


We have been installing, sanding, polishing and doing timber floor restorations since 1989…. So we think… we have years of experience behind us and we know our floor coverings well. We know that every damaged floor has a flooring solution. And we are always happy to give a free advice and quotation to our clients. In our case, it is free.

Do these photos around the page look familiar to you? Are you experiencing similar problem?

Call Floorexperts on 0411470113! The Floorexperts, Sydney flooring specialists do all floor repairs, from replacing one broken plank to the complete wood floor replacement, particularly joists and bearers. We work in Sydney metropolitan areas. Hardwood floors Marrickville, engineered timber floor in Woolahra, sanding and polishing in Northen beaches, timber deck sanding and oiling at Bondi.

  • But our expertise goes behind that, at the same time our company also supplies and installs new solid timber floors, sands and polishes them. Our expertise lies in installing floating floors, hybrid flooring, laminate flooring, engineered flooring, dressing the stairs, fixing parquetry floors and we can supply and install skirting boards or beading. We are the Floor experts….Timber floor repairs  from Sydney.
missing timber flooring, filling missing boards, floor replacement


Floor boards filling  after a brick wall         removal.


Church floor. Diagonal sanding. Hard wood floors


Tough parquetry removal. 5 guys, 2 jack hammers. 


Buckled floating floor. Faulty balcony membrane. 

Too heavy? Too technical? Too much jargon? Don’t worry. Just give us a call. The quotation is free!! And we speak plain language too.

We are always happy to chat about your floor. That’s our passion. We have been around for almost 30 years. We know our customers, We know the issues they have with their floors. The scenarios repeat on and on. Different  house, different floor, different timber specie, different suburb….

The solutions are the same