11 Floor Maintenance tips how to care about timber floors

mopping floors

  • Sweep and Vacuum often – Small stones, mud and gritty dirt brought in from outside work as sandpaper on your wood floor’s finish. Long bristles matts placed at all outside entrances helps to combat this problem. Also, using a vacuum with a soft bristle floor head helps or dust mop.
  • Pet claws should be trimmed– to avoid scratches from pets be sure to regularly trim pet’s claws.
floor maintenance      Clean timber floors regularly–Regular maintenance of the floors prevents the build-up of dirt. A regular although just a light cleaning is always easier than putting the floor in order after a few months. And besides, who wants to spend money on sanding and finishing floors and then neglect the wooden floors follow up maintenance.

  • Regular care is the key to long and trouble-free use of the floor
  • Door mats – using non-stainable door matts can help stop dirt and debris from being carried in on your hardwood floor.
  •     Doormats – using non-stainable door matts can help stop dirt and debris from being carried on your hardwood floor.
    • Never slide heavy objects directly over your floor– use a pad or 5mm underlayment underneath the object when moving heavy objects over your wood flooring. When renovating it is wise to cover your wood floors while still under construction, or while moving your furniture into the home.


  • Don’t use oil soaps– Many over the counter oil-based soaps and wax based cleaning products that may damage or dull the finish of your wood floor. Obtain the name of your coating from your finisher. Today every producer has their own cleaning solution and recommendations, study the product’s website.
  • Never wax a urethane floor– If your hardwood floor has a polyurethane finish never use a paste wax on the floor’s surface. A paste wax may form a sticky film on your floor and allow tracked in dirt to stick to your wood finish. Polyurethane finishes will not adhere to any wax and adding a fresh coat of polyurethane to your floor will be very difficult.

GEMINI sealer is a new generation modern blended floor sealer finish that dries to a brilliant clear gloss. ( Satin finish available as well) Gemini.pdf GEMINI helps increasing traffic mark resistance, it is the floor care product with perfect blend of durability and appearance.

  • Don’t use wet mop to clean hardwood floors– Water and wood floors don’t like each other! We recommend a damp squeegee or damp cloth, and a bit of warm water.·        Wipe spills immediately – when accidents happen you should use a slightly damp white cloth, or paper towel to immediately clean up and dry the affected area. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning procedures.
water mopping

Finally, one controversial thought:

To use steam mops for wooden floors, yes or no?

From our almost thirty-year perspective and experience with wooden floors, we do not recommend using steam cleaners. we have seen too many destroyed floors. Polished surfaces do not tolerate high temperatures and humidity. Laminate floors absorb water very easily and swell. The individual layers from which the Engineered floors are created, peel off and the individual veneers are getting separated, the brilliant finish is fading off. From our prespective the answer is NO !