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New solid timber flooring installations are usually laid over flat surfaces like concrete slabs, plywood, particle boards, tiles, or existing boards. Another method of installation is utilizing existing timber joists and bearers. Many older homes in the Eastern and Inner Western suburbs of Sydney were built with the two components’ floor frame system. Floor joists and bearers.


  • Sub-floor bearers or joists need to be strong enough to hold the rest of the floor up. Lack of floor vents in Sydney houses and prevailing moisture exposure can cause a range of changes to the joists and bearers for an extended period. Rising dampness, excessive moisture, lack of fresh air, and neglected sub-floor ventilation are the primary culprits of Sydney’s sub-floor repairs.

In the event of sagging, springy, or termite damaged flooring member, Floorexperts will provide the cost-effective help your flooring system needs. Floor joists replacement and bearers repairs are delicate and sometimes very tricky. Limited access, low clearance from the ground, debris, and old forgotten building material under the floor make the joist repair challenging. Enough room to insert a long piece of hardwood is the crucial issue here.

  • Thank our 29 years’ experience; we do it effectively. Not only minimizing the cost, the time of repair, but also disturbance for the owners.

    Floor joists and bearers

    Mositure, low clearence between soil and timber floor, temites.

    Rotten floor joist repair cost

    • There are usually two main approaches.

    1. Sufficient operating room underneath the floor. Enough space for the flooring guy to stand, sit, or at least physically be able to crawl underneath the floor.
    In such a case, we will bring a new joist or bearer in and replace the faulty one. The most challenging part of the job is manipulating 3-4 m long floor members in confined space. We must place a waterproof flashing between the timber and the foundation to keep the bearers protected from moisture. A sheet of plastic or traditional lead flashing is used. The access to the sleeper wall must be provided to repair the issue from underneath the subfloor.
    2. Not enough clearance between the soil and hardwood flooring. In this case, the flooring members repair must be carried out from the top of the customer’s tongue and groove floor.

    The bad news is: The subsequent sanding and polishing of the natural timber usually go hand-in-hand with the repair. It means not only moving out the furniture from the room but often from the entire wood flooring area. Occasionally the sanding and polishing can be split into several jobs. However, the time required will be much longer. To provide the highest quality job, we need the whole hardwood floor to be sanded and finished simultaneously.

    Subfloor problems

    Why the floor joists and bearers problems occur?

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    the most underfloor problems arise from lack of ventilation. Rising moisture results in mold growing, attracting termites and building wood decay.

    Subfloor sulutions

    How to prevent the damage of floor joists and bearers?

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    a proper under floor ventilation, sufficient floor clearance from the soil, adequate number, size and distance of wall vents


    Dampness and termites do not affect only timber  floor boards. The fundation – floor joists and bearers are exposed too.

    Sydney  Central Repair

    To replace floor joists and bearers is not an easy task but also not impossible. In the majority of our repairs, only one load-bearing support needs to be removed and replaced. Our company has been providing these services since 1992. The most challenging part? Working in and sharing the confined space with spiders and another insect.  

    Once upon a time there used to be a healthy floor member and bearers supporting the timber floor

    Hardwood floors Marrickville

    The old houses in the inner Eastern suburbs of Sydney have something in common. The majority of their timber floors were built too close to the ground without proper ventilation. Exposure to soil evaporation, low moisture barrier between sleeper wall and bearers, and joist result in attracting termites or gradual structural timber decaying.

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    Usually there are two            repair scenarios 

    Providing there is enough working space from underneath the floor, the joists can be replaced. This method is non-destructive. If the under-floor space is limited, the only alternative reminds cutting a maintenance hole and implementing the replacement from the top floor. See below

    Total destruction. This flooring joist was completelly eaten by termites.


    This floor joist was sitting directly on the sleeping wall without any moisture barrier for decades. The moisture exposure resulted in the collapsing of the floor.

    We had to cut a man hole in order to insert  two new joists.