The timber delivery. Every Sydney timber flooring job starts with that. Before we proceed to the installation  or sanding and polishing of timber flooring the floor boards need to be carried from the street into client’s premise. In addition a visual check of the timber flooring for defects and the agreed quality against the invoice is essential. Eqally importan, based on the environment circumstances we may test the wood for moisture

We install Sydney timber flooring. Any floors ! Solid tongue and groove boards over battens, block parquetry, mosaic parquetry, decking, engineering floating floor, limewash floating floorboards, bamboo, “boat deck” effect floor, over particle boards, plywood, battens, bearers and joists, acoustic systems, Regupol, acousta battens…We dress concrete or existing timber stairs into a new timber look.

Sanding and polishing, limewashing, staining   Old/ heavily stained Black Japan, 80 yeras old polyurethane or recent tung oil finishes, brand new floors, decking, verandas. We do sanding and polishing, oiling, staining or limewashing! Tung oil, solvent based and water based polyurethane, colour stain,Natural oils incl. Livos Ardvos, and Bio brands, Porter’s lime wash, of course Feast Watson’s Black Japan.

We finish it off! The Sydney timber flooring company installs skirting boards, color matching timber beadings , architraves and door jambs and variety of  floor accessories like ramps, trims, reducers ,door stopers, man holes,  trap holes etc. Floorexperts in floor installation and floor sanding  with 29 years of experience from 3 countries. in total.

Limewash finish

How hardwearing it actually? How practical? What is the best product? What is the best application ? Is just any timber floor good for the limewash?

Dark stain

What wood is the best for staining? Is it good idea to get my floor stained? What finish is the best? an I choose the colour, the intensity? How long does it last?

Solid timber floor

The solid timber floor provides the luxury of beautiful finish, warm appearance, good insulation and added value to the building. Australia has a range of amazing species to please anyone’s eye.  

Our Peoples

Karl  The director. Karl has19 years’ experience in the timber flooring industry. He started working in the trade in Germany where he lived from 1989-1993. He also ran a sanding and flooring installation business in his home country, the Czech Republic. Australia has become the third country where he has successfully exceeded his customers’ expectations with their flooring requirements. The largest timber flooring company in Sydney, SE Timber recognized his skills and expertise in the flooring industry. As a result, in 1998, SE Timber asked him to set up, train and supervise its floor installation and sanding teams. In 2007 Karl has become a NSW flooring inspector accredited by Australian Timber Flooring Association. He is qualified to assist with a dispute resolution or to provide written reports on the facts of the project. Karl does an average of three quotations per day. In the last 19 years he visited approximately 7000 customer sites. The site visits include advising customers on  the best timber and type of installation for their needs and circumstances. Up to present time Karl and his guys lay or sand about 100-300 sqm of timber flooring per week…. multiply this number by 19 years!


Kamil He is a perfectionist. He’s got an excellent eye for detail. Extremely reliable in the first place. If nobody wants to do the difficult job, Kamil will. Always.He is a fantastic “floating floor” installer.


He is the oldest one in our team. He has a very sympathetic attitude. His background as an electrician is an extraordinary asset for the company. Not only reliable, thoughtful, but also accurate and careful


He doesn’t talk much, he rather works. He is skilful, reliable and hardworking


He is carpenter by trade. He has very good skills, understanding and above all he is a good communicator and organizer. He is efficient and capable.


He is a new man in our company, however, with 10 years of experience in the timber industry he will be a big help to our team. You should see him doing a staircase! What a concert for two hands one saw and  a chisel!


Though being with us for more than year by now he is a baby in our team.But Gee…what a good floor sander! Despite of his young age he is very responsible, reliable and focused.