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We will sand and oil  your old  timber deck to look new again. 

Making your wood floors look new


Sanding and varnishing floors is hard physical work that brings amazing results in the form of rediscovering the beauty of an old, wooden floor.

Restoring old hardwood floors is worthwhile in any case, the result can simply be amazing. The process includes moving all the furniture out of the room for several hours or even days, noise and odor from the surfaces and coatings, but in any case the outcome is worth it.

Timber floor sanding services and floor finishing are a dusty matter. There is no such thing as dust free sanding and polishing of old floors. The processing time depends on the condition of the old floor, existing finish, how large the area is, the job complexity, how many corners and much hand sanding will be involved. The cost of sanding and polishing depends simply on, how much energy it takes to remove the old coating. It may vary between 20,-/sq meters for brand new floor, up to 45,-/sq meters for heavily stained and warped floor. The repair cost goes usually on the top of sanding chargers.




The frequent  complain you can hear about is that a flooring guy  did not correctly estimate the type of wood and the floor repair become a problem after finishing off the job. The board differs from the rest of the floor and was  the subject of a dispute between the contractor and the homeowner.

A simple trick helps. First , sand the old floor and apply a tiny amount of water to the raw wood. Wood changes the colour and it is far easier to identify the species. In case of a doubt, it is  a good idea to take a sample of the wooden floor to the store and consult the salesman or the expert.

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In the past, two-component epoxy coatings were often used which were extremely hard, abrasion resistant but also harmful to health. Thick oil varnishes were another fashion wave in the past. Their existence still causes nightmares at every floor polisher and sander’s nights.

Very often the process takes place as follows. On the top of the old floor is laid either carpet, linoleum, old ceramic tiles or other flooring material. After lifting up an old carpet or linoleum, we can often see the original wooden floor. Sometimes it is necessary to replace one or two damaged boards, sometimes a larger area.


The customer’s frequent question is whether it will be possible to remove the gauges and deep scratches on the floor. The answer is usually YES. If the damage is too deep, the board must be replaced.

Another common problem is the floor has been contaminated with the pet’s urine. Unfortunately, in most cases the urine will seep too deep into the wood and it is not possible to sand this damage. The same as water damage… changing the board is usually the only alternative.

It depends on the quality of the craftsman’s floor repair services to identify the wood type of the original floor and to replace the correct species.

After perfect sanding and cleaning of the wooden floor, the first coat of finish, a primer is applied. That has the task of closing the pores and surface of the wood, and then usually 2 to 3 coats of protective varnish are applied.

The varnishes used on timber floors in  real estate, residential and commercial  jobs today in Sydney are divided into three groups.

It is a polyurethane which can be water-based or containing solvents and oil paints.

About advantages and preferences when and how to use which type of coating you can read here.

Sanding and polishing of a new floor is much easier than the old one.